2019: Annus Horribilis in Nigeria

By Femi Orebe

Unfortunately these legislators are themselves so misdirected some of them point fingers at the President when Nigerians cry out from their extreme want.

In a speech marking the 40th anniversary of her ascension, Queen Elizabeth 11 referred to the year 1992 as ‘Annus Horribilis’ – a latin  phrase  meaning “a horrible year ;  one  she would  not look back   at  with undiluted pleasure”.  It is the opposite of  annus mirabilis, which, in turn,  means a “wonderful year”. Incidentally, the London Telegraph has already wondered aloud as to whether she would not call 2019 “Annus Horribilis 2”. What with the cascading problems in the royalty, one being Prince Andrew’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the late American convicted sex offender?

I go back then to my article:  ‘Lest Nigeria strays into war’,  first published, July 28, 2019 ,  but which will be heavily edited to reflect current realities because Nigeria needs to take a…

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